Saturday, 16 November 2013

Sacred time in Hengistbury Head

There's something about the sky above Hengistbury Head that always makes it a magical place to be. After a healing visit to a special place in Wareham my 'homework' was to write a letter to Archangel Michael and release all that no longer serves me and ask for all the abundance I would like to welcome into my life. Thank you for the miraculous guidance.... I wrote the letter in the company of my two loony dogs and a bumblebee that would not leave me alone and then allowed the liberating waves of Hengistbury Head to take my letter to where it needed to go... I looked up at the sky afterwards and this is what I saw:
The little red light next to the setting sun was actually a tiny rainbow that appeared in the sky.. And then I noticed this boat on the horizon:
... which made me think of Kahlil Gibran's Prophet, such a soulful reading. Thank you for a magical day...

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