Monday, 14 October 2013

A tale of two boys - from the 7 day Inner Engineering course

I listened to the third class in my inner engineering course yesterday and in this session Sadhguru spoke about taking responsibility in our lives, about responding to life and the things around us. Instead of saying 'this is my responsibility' we always have the choice of at least considering what to do about a situation. This session made me realise how much it troubles me that my grandmothers are living thousands of miles away from me and how much I miss them and would like to include them in our lives more. It also made me realise that instead of just saying they're not my responsibility, I can look at what options are available to get nearer to them. Just the mere act of thinking about the situation and exploring options has lifted an enormous load off my chest. I called one of them tonight and told her how I felt and that I would like to do something about this. She said she wants to stay right where she is. Maybe nothing will really change in our situation, but this communication and sharing has made all the difference. Sadhguru told a story about two boys that I would like to share. A father had two sons, an optimistic one and a pessimistic one. They happened to be twins, so as their birthdays approached, the father decided to do a little experiment with them. In the pessimistic son's room he piled up a heap of expensive toys, all the amazing gadgets you can imagine. In the optimistic son's he placed a pile of horse poo. When the boys came home and ran upstairs, the father listened curiously to what their reactions will be. All of a sudden he heard a loud sobbing. He followed the boys upstairs worried that he overdid it with the horse poo a bit.. Only to find his pessimistic son crying beside the heap of expensive toys. When his father asked him what he was crying about he said: 'I'm crying because now I have to read all these instruction manuals and when my cousins come over tomorrow I'll have to share all of these...' The father then went to his optimistic son's room and found him whistling and dancing around the pile of manure. When his father asked him what he was so joyful about he replied: 'well, if there's horse poo, there's bound to be a pony somewhere nearby!'
speaking of ponies :) a peaceful night to you all xxxx

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