Monday, 7 October 2013

Home sweet home at last :)

After a very busy but adventure filled day, I'm finally back home cuddling with two stinky little rascals: Rascal 1:
and 2:
As for the detox, working in two jobs + dreaming up a future project + drinking only juice in one day = disaster. Luckily my boyfriend is still alive, but only just :) So a tip for anyone who's about to embark on any kind of detox, either take some peaceful time off, or do only the weekend when you can have plenty of rest! Today I had my favourite breakfast: morning glory and favourite lunch juice: bruschetta tang, and broke my three day fast in the afternoon with my very much missed ALDI oatcakes, a handful of nuts, dried apricots and a banana, yes I was hungry! :) Wishing you all a peaceful night with positive thoughts and music: click here to listen and one of my favourite songs by fly jeti fly: Fire and Water and dedicate it to the One it makes me think of ;) sweet dreams xxxx

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