Monday, 14 October 2013

Somewhere over the rainbow... juicing vs pizza and cakes where I walked the doggies today :) However, this last weekend I was far from being over the rainbow! It took me a while to figure out that what I put into my body might have something to do with it, duh! Whereas the weekend before I was spoiling my body with kale, cucumber, tomatoes, grapes and blueberries and an endless list of energising goodies, this last weekend I ended up going the opposite way: cakes and and pizza on Friday in lovely company, but still packed with sugar and wheat. Not such a good idea as it turned out. I could really feel the difference in my mood, in my body, the difference was shocking. I am writing this down so that next time I will remember! The outcome of this little indulging episode is a non-New Year resolution, to keep one day of the weekend as a cleansing day whenever I can and have an overdose of morning glory and bruschetta tang instead of margherita pizza! I am not against pizza, far from it, but if I want to deviate once in a while, a cleansing day will surely follow! :)

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  1. Guess you'll pass on the kit kat I'm getting in a couple of minutes then. ;)